Monday, April 6, 2009

Ed Helms Post of the Day

Ed's in the new movie, "The Hangover," coming out on June 5th (I will clearly be first in line to see the earliest showing possible). Here's the fantastic trailer:

And, in even better news, the WB has already made a deal for a sequel to the movie! I will also be first in line to see it, when it comes out in 2010/2011, or whenever...I can't wait!

In related news, here is a picture of Ed arriving at the "Inside the Office" event a few weeks ago:

I like his fancy corduroy blazer!

And another one from the Independent Spirit Awards:

Notice the patented "Ed Pose," one hand in pocket, body slightly askew, fantastic grin...

And now, for even more Ed, here is his appearance on the show, "Free Radio:"

How awesome is ed for going along with this degeneracy? I think his time at TDS really paid off, if only for this one clip! It's awesome when he says they really sell paper during the show.

There are more clips at

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