Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Return (of "Burn Notice")

One of the best shows on TV returns for the start of the rest of it's second season tomorrow night - "Burn Notice."

Just thought I'd give you guys some non-Ed-Helms-related eye candy for a change. If you have time at work tomorrow (and I know you do), go to the USA website and catch up on the first half of season 2 and watch a clip of the first few minutes of tomorrow's episode. Want more? You can check out an interview with Bruce Campbell here.

When we last left Michael, he was getting blown up at his apartment. Once he recovers (after a nap, some yogurt, and a snarky rant by Sam), he'll head out to kick ass and take names. And figure out who burned him. I think he's supposed to find out who burned him at the end of this season, which should make for a good group of episodes leading up to the end of the season.

Definitely check out the show tomorrow at 10 pm in USA. What else are you going to watch? "ER?" The channel 11 news at 10? Anderson Cooper? Actually, it's OK if you watch AC...just TiVo "Burn Notice" to watch Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and a plate of eggs.

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