Thursday, January 29, 2009

Worst Episode of "Top Chef" Ever

Yeah, I'm not going to get to write up last night's debacle until tomorrow, but I wanted to let you all know that I think it sucked. Big time. WTF WAS that? The only redeeming quality was Carla winning and making that touchdown motion in her interview. Jeff going home was awful (who will I leer at now?), Leah not going home was even more awful, Fabio rambled about monkey ass again, and the "All-Stars" Bravo brought back were clearly the only former contestants desperate enough to come back to the show, not anyone actually worth tuning in for. Spike, his douche-hat, and Andrew? Come on. Josie and Andrea? Please. The other ones I don't even remember 12 hours later? Whatever. Josie and Spike torturing the crawfish? Almost made me vomit. The Quaker Oats sponsored Quickfire? Possibly worse that the one sponsored by Diet Dr. Pepper.

Also, I think Ariane forgot her pants. And why is Stephen Starr such and A-hole?


Beth said...

Ha! I laughed out loud when I saw the no pants moment! And that wasn't Stephen Starr, it was some other jerky guy. I can say that the real Stephen Starr does approve some strange bathroom designs. You know, just a random fact for you.

iko said...

@Beth-Ugh, my bad - I new it was Scott Conant, then I drank too much to numb the pain of Jeff leaving and forgot.