Wednesday, March 5, 2008

DC - Day 3 and overall thoughts (Subtitle: We got ours in Blazin' Copper - and so can you)

Yeah, so, we didn't really do much on Day 3 of the DC trip. Woke up. Got dressed. Walked down the street to eat breakfast at the same restaurant as the day before (bacon, bacon, bacon). Walked back to the condo. Packed our stuff and left.

The drive back, however, wasn't that interesting. BMG passed out in the back of the car and I placed random toys he had bought at the Archives atop him and took pictures. Exhibit A:

George Washington is America - And So Can You!

Then, there was this bus, that kept getting in front of our car, and generally annoying NC, who was driving. I took an inordinate number of pictures to document the degeneracy of the bus driver. I will only show you one:
Stupid DC-NY bus...WTF? What is wrong with the driver, is he high? Who does that....OMG! What is that I spy on the left side of the picture? Is it? Could it be? "I GOT MINE IN BLAZIN' COPPER!!!!"

Yes, that is, in fact, a Ford Edge in 'Blazin' Copper.' The elusive vehicle has shown itself. For those who don't know, in the NY/NJ area, there was an ad on TV for the Edge, in which Derek Jeter proudly exclaims, "I got mine in Blazin' Copper!" and sounds totally lame-dash-O while doing it. And, I can't find the ad anywhere - apparently it was on YouTube, but it got taken down...whatever Ford, as if having your ad on YouTube would actually prevent someone from buying one. Maybe you should focus more on making legitimate cars, and less on trolling the interline, looking for bootleg versions of your ads on YouTube.

Here's another picture from when it veered in front of us and I was inappropriately excited about it:

That was basically the trip. We returned to Man-Dawn's parents' house to pick up my car and headed back to beautiful Central NJ. Stopping to by some shoes along the way.

So, some final DC thoughts:
-Jaleo was delicious and I'm so, so happy we got to see Man-Dean and try the Jamon Iberico.
-Vinoteca is completely overpriced and not really that good. Just go there and drink wine, or, better yet, find a more reasonably priced wine bar in DC and go there.
-The Archives is annoying to visit on the weekend and everyone who visits has no concept of common human decency.
-The National Treasures exhibit is great, but get there before 5:15 pm.
-Stephen Colbert's portrait is the greatest treasure America currently has, perhaps the second greatest, only behind Brett Favre and Bernie Williams. Everyone should go to DC and see it before it's take down on April 1.
-The National Portrait Gallery should consider keeping the portrait up permanently.
-Man-Dean is the wisest man in the world.
-One should not stay up until 4 am drinking wine, unless one is under the age of 23, or wants to feel like crap for three straight days.
-People actually do buy Fords. And in horrible colors...just because Derek Jeter tells them to.


Beth said...

RE: "Stephen Colbert's portrait is the greatest treasure America currently has, perhaps the second greatest, only behind Brett Favre and Bernie Williams."

Poor Ed. Do you not love him anymore?

Personally, Fat Burger is currently on my top ten list of American treasures.

iko said...

I think I should clarify - the greatest treasure people actually know about...Ed certainly is America's best kept secret treasure, but I think I (and a select, intelligent, few) are the only ones who know it!

And I, to you, in addition, feel, the same feelings (about Fatburger), that you are, as well.