Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And Now, The Bastard Offspring of The Tuesday Tirade - The Wednesday Wrath

Shockingly, not too much pissed me off yesterday. I was mostly tired, which led to my general apathy toward the degeneracy surrounding me. However, today, I'm back in fighting form, so I present to you The Wednesday Wrath:

The Asshole Who Sits Next to Me in Stats.

I'm taking a one-credit statistics class as my last class ever for graduate school. I only need one more credit, so F-ed if I'm going to take a full semester, three-credit one. It's a five week class, during which our TA teaches us how to use SAS to run statistical analysis. Not hard (TWSS). Especially since I already have a working knowledge of SAS, but just wanted to learn the shortcuts and some of the more, shall we say, intimate details of the program. One credit, five weeks, I figured I'd power through and be done. And, it's fine, except that it's an undergraduate class and I'd forgotten how bitchy and annoying those little, privileged weasels are...GOD.

The class is one night a week, for 2 hours and 50 minutes. And, you know what? The class is kind of annoying, I'm not going to lie. It's in a classroom in one of the many computer labs on campus, since we're using a statistical program and there's only one TA who has to walk around and check everyone's programs and answer everyone's questions before we move on. It sucks. It takes 45 minutes to get through one procedure in SAS, because pretty much everyone has questions (mostly regarding missing semi colons) and the TA, quite frankly, isn't very good at explaining anything. But, it's a one-credit class for God's Sake. Just F-ing sit there, check your fantasy baseball team or favorite blogs (AbS) in the downtime and suck it up. Am I right?

But, ADD boy next to me can't hold it together. He NEVER runs the programs the TA asks him to. He just sits there and texts or IMs his friends and sighs loudly in my ear, in a disgruntled fashion. Half the time, he doesn't even have SAS open on his computer, it's literally just on the screen saver. Then, when the TA comes by to check his work, he says, "Oh, sorry, I didn't get it," but never looks up from his stupid iPhone. And, to make matters worse, the TA doesn't care, and the asshole will probably pass the class, since the TA doesn't know anyone's name anyway.

Seriously, you know what? I get that it's a state school. I get that spoiled, rich brats get bribed by their parents to come here with a shiny, new BMW or Lexus. I get that these kids don't have to pay for school, work jobs while they're in school, or even pay loans once they leave. I'm OK with that, their parents worked hard so their children don't need to leave school in debt. Fine. This isn't me, bitterly ranting about my school debt or my parents' lack of planning. But, W. T. FFFFFFFFFFF. Don't F-ing piss me off, asshole in stats. I'm paying for my undergraduate loans (still) and working at said state school full time so I can get my Masters for free. The last thing I want to see when I go to class is some brat who thinks he's better than everyone else, wasting his parents money by sitting in class, not learning anything (or even trying) and getting the same grade as me. Suck it up. Pay attention for 2 hours. All your hos will like you more if you're smart AND have a BMW your Dad bought you. And I won't be forced to cut you in the dark alley behind the computer lab after class.


EdT said...

cut that bitch.

Beth said...

Where is the Thursday Thrill? As in, AbS is thrilled to see a new Office episode and Ed!

Mr. O said...

Now you know what teaching high school can be like... sorry for passing those kids on to your undergraduate stats class.

iko said...

edt - Oh, don't you worry...I will. I'm waiting for the class to be done next week...

beth - I will speak of "The Office" tomorrow, AbS will never deny Office chatter, especially chatter about the delicious Ed!

mr. o - ah, yes, the delights of "No Child Left Behind." I feel your pain and, no worries, it's not your fault!