Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ed Helms Post of the Day

Just because he's so cute.

I've only gotten the chance to watch the blooper reel from "The Office" Season 4 DVD, but it's awesome. And the little bit of Ed on the blooper reel makes it even better. Seriously, the best clip comes right after Michael announces which pizzeria he ordered from. I won't give it away, but the whole cast is hysterical. It's worth the price of the DVD alone.

In related news, "The Office" Season 4 DVD watching party is fast approaching (an annual weekend-long event in which the entire previous season is watched). This year's theme is carb-loading in honor of "Fun Run." Full recap WITH food to come!


Manggy said...

Hey there! Just wanted to say I enjoy reading this blog. I'm quite a Helms/ Sudeikis fan too, even if my blog has nothing to do with either guy (well, 'cept the Sudeikis Yahoo! Group). I can't wait to get the DVD set when I visit the States in a few weeks. It'll probably be cheaper than ordering it online (thanks to Borders).

iko said...

manggy - thanks for reading my blog! I'm always happy to see other Ed and Jason fans...I feel like there aren't so many of us - we have to stick together!

Hope your visit to the U.S. goes well!