Monday, September 22, 2008

What Iko's Watching Tonight

Well, we have some F-ing TV tonight, don't we? Who's excited? Only me? OK, no worries, I'll tell you what I'm watching tonight anyway.

8:00 pm - CBS - "The Big Bang Theory"

Yes, I wrote about this show before, and while I think it has it's issues, it also has a lot going for it. For one, it's one of two shows on CBS that is actually good. For two, Sheldon is hysterical, science/nerd humor is always funny, and I'm still waiting with baited breath for Raj to be able to actually speak to women without being inebriated. I'm excited to see where the writers take this show over the season and look forward to watching it (who am I kidding, probably TiVoing it, "Chuck" starts next week!!!).

8:30 pm - CBS - "How I Met Your Mother"

When we last left off, Ted proposed to Stella (spoiler alert: she says yes) and Barney realized he hearts Robin. While I could really care less about Stella and Ted (Sarah Chalke irritates me in a way that is so horrible, that I lack the verbal capacity to articulate it, plus Ted is infinitely more fun when he's acting like a jackass with Barney), I'm SUPER excited about Robin and Barney. I don't know why, maybe it's because, oh, NPH is made of awesome? Plus, I think the two of the have the best dynamic of any two characters on the show...hell, of any characters on most TV shows currently airing. I'm extremely excited for the premiere tonight and can't wait to see where the characters go this season.

9:00 pm - FOX - "Prison Break"

Ugh. I know. But, this show is like crack for me, plus, to be fair, it has gotten A LOT better this season, at least compared to seasons 2 and 3 (this show will never be better than it was in season 1, I'm sorry). This season has already started, we're into the 4th episode tonight (already!) and the guys (and suddenly alive Sara) find themselves trying to find Scylla, basically a bunch of cards that have data on the always evil "Company" stored on them. So far, it's been a highly entertaining hunt - Michael appears to have brain cancer (yet, Wentworth Miller's still hot), Lincoln's smashing anything he can get his hands on and killing bitches left and right, and Mahone's going to take down that man-ho who killed his son. I'm literally on the edge of my seat waiting for that showdown to happen. Oh, it's going to be good times, just you wait.

Also, I'll probably be watching some football, too, I have to see if L.T. will actually get me any fantasy points this week. Probably no baseball, though, the Yankees aren't playing tonight and I'm kind of emotionally drained from the spectacle that was yesterday's farewell to the stadium. Just seeing Bernie pretty much did me in, let alone his adorable post-game interview with Michael Kay on YES. God, I love him. Bernie, not Michael Kay.

And, on a marginally related note (because it has to do with baseball, more specifically this post), I have a little "good news, bad news" to report. Good news - I have photographic proof and (reliable) second-hand information that Brett Gardner is, in fact, straight. Bad news - his girlfriend/wife is clearly pregnant. I'll post photographic evidence when I get home. So, sadly, Iko has no shot at becoming Gardner's baby mama, because you know I'm not settling for second baby mama. But, strong work on having a child, Gardner!

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JP said...

I guess he does look like Jason Jones with the hair and the angle. I like it though! It's all silvery and cool.

Guess what? Went to Ed's puppet show this weekend and he wasn't there! That was very very sad :(