Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Daily Show/Colbert Report Improv Jam (in pictures)

I wanted to post this earlier, but I got caught up in the delightful "Burn Notice" marathon on USA. That show is so F-ing fantastic. Jeffrey Donovan is made of hot. And Bruce Campbell is made of awse. Anyway, here's my recap of the improv show.

Ed sees me in the audience when he comes onto stage and smiles:

An audience member gives the suggestion, "broccoli," to the performers and Ed tells a story about someone getting the nickname "Broccoli Rabe*" during the first episode of season 5 of "The Office." Then, he goes on to say that people in high school thought he looked like the Chuckie Cheese mascot (rat-tail adorable is it that Ed had a rat tail?). The group then goes on to perform a skit in which the nickname "Magic Douche" is liberally thrown around.

A few rounds later, Ed shows off his guns while flying a hot air balloon.

Later, when Rob Riggle is telling a story about working in a bag factory with a bunch of degenerates who drink at lunch, Ed looks into the audience to find me again.

Then he leans back in a relaxed fashion,

perhaps to indicate that he's open to a relationship with me!

Look at this nice, open body language - arm draped across the back of an empty chair, legs crossed towards "me" as if to say, "Iko, please come sit next to won't be sorry."

Then, a bunch of other skits happened, I was too distracted by Ed leaning back in his chair to bother to pay attention enough to remember them for you guys. You can, however, see some videos of the show here.

Here, Wyatt and Ed held hands. And it was adorable.

Then, Rob Riggle played the "Garbage Czar" and Ed played his unacknowledged son, Garbage Czar Jr.

The show never did get back to broccoli. In fact, the only time it was mentioned was by Ed at the very beginning during his monologue. But, it was OK, the show was really funny, they all worked really well together. You can see why they all work(ed) for "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report." They're so quick and funny.

After the show, we wanted to go to Perilla, that would be Harold from Season 1 of "Top Chef's" restaurant. We got down to Jones Street and in the door by 10:15, but no one was sitting in the restaurant eating. Before I could be like, WTF? I saw Harold (!!!) sitting at the bar, looking kind of angry. I wanted to say hi or take a picture or something, but first we asked the host if they were still serving food. Apparently there had been some kind of incident in the kitchen, which made it impossible to make food. No wonder Harold looked so angry. Sadly, this also meant no picture with him...I mean, I didn't want to bother him while his restaurant was malfunctioning. I did give him the thumbs up and a "good job!" as I left, but later realized he may have taken that as a sarcastic, "Good job on breaking your kitchen, jackass," which I clearly didn't mean. I love you, Harold - if you read this, I'm sorry if I accidentally insulted you. I can't wait to come eat at your restaurant!

Instead of Perilla, we hit up Down the Hatch for some beers and wings and Olympic-watching. Good times. After that, it was down to Dos Caminos for a mojito, although I couldn't imbibe too much, as I had to drive our asses home. Next time. All in all, a good night. It's too bad we didn't get to see Ed and Rob wandering around the street like last year.

*Broccoli rabe is one of my favorite vegetables, maybe even my favorite (someday I'll put up my recipe for broccoli rabe, caramelized onion, and Italian sausage rigatoni). Is it a sign that Ed and I are meant to be together? I'll let you decide.


JP said...

Great photos! It looks like you had good seats!

Glad to hear it was really fun! Did you try to say hello?

looziana said...

good times!!! CLEARLY you and Ed were meant together... how else could he have the nickname broccolirab?