Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday List of Random Things

Five things that I love:
1. Ed Helms.

I've stated this fact here, here, here, and here. Also here. Definitely here. I think I've blogged about it ad nauseum, so I'll leave you to click on the links above, rather than continue on.

2. Tomatoes. They're the perfect food. Sweet, tart, acidic, high in fiber and the delicious antioxidant, lycopene. I like mine sliced, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and served on a fresh baguette drizzled with olive oil. Is there any more perfect meal? It's followed closely by the best sandwich ever - the BLT.

Tomato AND bacon in one sandwich? Sold. They key to my heart? A basket of late summer heirloom tomatoes and a slab of bacon. Seriously. Ed, are you paying attention?

3. The Yankees, specifically Bernie Williams.

Yes, the Yankees have their critics. I can't even argue so much against their hatred. The Yankees do trade away young talent (not so much anymore, Cano and Melky are still there, right?), in favor of expensive, older, arguably better players. Yes, George Steinbrenner is kind of an a-hole, although I won't talk smack about a man in ill health. But, they're a classy organization, no member of the team looks like he rolled out of bed and onto the field to play, no one talks smack about anyone else, and any clubhouse issues are handled within the organization (for the most part), not in the tabloids or media. In my opinion, Bernie was the epitome of a Yankee player - quiet, good, and always playing for the betterment of the team. Plus, he's cute.

4. 30 Rock. Tina Fey is simply the most awesome person ever. I either want to be her or make out with her, I'm not sure which one would be better. Clearly, anything she's a part of can't be bad, but 30 Rock, brings her to a whole new level of awesome. Her interactions with Alec Baldwin and, well, really everyone in the cast, make that show spectacular.

But even the lovely Tina aside, the minor characters, Dr. Spaceman, every character Rachel Dratch plays, the actors and writers who play the writers, and, clearly, the adorable-ness that is Jason Sudeikis as Flyod, they all bring so much funny to the show and have created the best show currently on television. Yes, I said it. It's better than The Office. The Office may have Ed, but, overall, 30 Rock is the better, more consistently funny show. In my opinion. You guys can watch whatever you want. I'll probably make fun of you if you don't like 30 Rock, though.

5. Vodka martinis.

Yes, I know a "real" martini is supposed to be made with "gin," and not vodka, but I like the vodka martini better. Sue me. It's delicious and gets you nice and happy drunk after just one. I mean, I've been known to throw down a glass* of wine on occasion** but sometimes you just want that icy, cold fermented potato juice and olive garnish. Always tasty and mostly good, provided the bar has some good vodka on hand. I've been liking Grey Goose, but I'm open to other vodka suggestions. I don't really know that much about vodka, maybe I'll do some Googling. Or maybe I'll do some real-life research now...that bottle of vodka in my freezer is calling me.

Next Friday, look for the list of five things that I HATE.


Edited to add:
6. EdT and BW: Because they're both made of awesome, EdT has been my friend since, well, forever, "black and orange yellow," and BW because she agreed to be in my lame-ass study and because it feels like I've been friends with her forever. I heart you both!!!!


EdT said...

umm. hello? where am I on that list......

Beth said...

I heart you, too, my newest oldest friend in the world! Let's drink delicious vodka martinis with lots of olives to celebrate!

EdT said...

you didnt need to add me, I was just ho-king. but it was a nice addition :) HEART!