Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Have Never Felt Older in my ENTIRE Effing Life

Last post, I promise...

OK, so I'm watching Jay Leno and he has this kid, "Ryan Sheckler," on who's causing the audience, apparently made up entirely of 12 year-old girls, to shriek uncontrollably (bear in mind I had to Google various incarnations of his name before I could figure out who the eff he was). Plus, the "Jonas Brothers" (Is that even a thing? Is it like Hanson? I feel like Tina Key asking if Zac Efron is a"thing") are singing and the squeeing continues. I can't believe I'm so out-of-touch that I have no idea who any of these people are...why can't Jay talk to normal people, like John Cusak or Brett Favre? Who are these douche-hats? Why do young girls have the worst taste in teen idols? Mostly, why am I so upset that I have no idea who these people are?

Edited to add -
OK, I'm completely depressed. Allegedly, "Ryan Sheckler" was born in 1989.

Edited to add again -
OMFG. One of the Jonas Brothers was "apparently" born in "1995." Like when I was (maybe) in High School. Can people born in 1995 even talk, yet? Do they know what "Thundercats" and "Jem" are? Who wants to open another bottle of wine?

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