Monday, January 14, 2008

My (sort of) first post

In honor of those people who left Myspace, but, for some reason, "like" my blog, I'm moving to a more easily accessible forum. Although, this means there will be far less bashing of a certain N.P. because if I continued said bashing here, certain parts of my life would probably be more miserable than they are currently. That being said, the rest of the world is fair worries.

Also, I was two seconds away from naming the blog "Yij (dot) bar," but I didn't want a bunch of stat geeks inundating me with SAS code...although, maybe I should start a "SAS code of the day" post.

So, here begins my blog of random thoughts, rants, favorite TV shows, food, and anything else I feel the need to write about, as well as inflict my ramblings on the general public. Good Times.

To start, here are some videos from my stalker-esque trip to NYC to see Ed Helms play with his band at The Parkside Lounge. It's important to note that Ed wrote the song "All Gone to Hell," (second video) and I choose to believe he wrote it about some slut-ass-ho who broke his heart recently (but not too recently), leaving him open to a fabulous relationship with me. For the record, the first video is "If Devils Can Slow Dance" not written by anyone in the band, but sung here by the illustrious Ian Riggs (sexy, high falsetto by Ed).

SAS code of the Day:
How to get SAS to calculate tertiles (why does Mozilla think this isn't a word?):

proc univariate;
var x;
output out = bla pctlpts 33 67 pctlpre = p;
proc print;

Learning this was the highlight of my day. My life is sad.

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