Wednesday, January 16, 2008


From New York Magazine via Jezebel:

This just in from the set of Rachael Ray's latest Dunkin Donuts commercial, according to a New York Magazine tipster: "She took one sip of her Dunkin' Donuts coffee, yelled "What is this shit? Get me MY coffee," and would not continue until she was given "her" coffee -- i.e., Starbucks."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA! I love this! That screechy ho hates D & D! Maybe now we won't be subjected to her lame -dash-O commercials featuring "cutesy" catch phrases and ill-fitting shirts. Perhaps I will no longer be forced to avoid eye contact with her giant, orange, pumpkin head, leering down on me from the giant poster on the wall (actually, I just realized her head is probably life-sized in those posters, even though they're all like 6' x 4') encouraging me to buy a "gingeriffic" latte. On the other hand, maybe she'll start shilling for Starbucks, now.

There HAS to be somewhere else I can buy coffee...

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