Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Iko's Favorite Shows - Summer TV Edition!

One great thing about summer is you finally get to take a break from your couch and TV to go outside and frolic. I, for instance, will be going to see a taping of "The Daily Show," a concert or two, some Yankees games, and assorted other outings, all of which (I'm sure) I will blog about at great length right here. Yeah, so, look forward to that guys. However, I've recently noticed a trend by some of the cable networks to play new episodes of original shows during the summer.* This way, you don't have to leave your comfy couch and beautifully, central-air conditioned home during the summer. Why go outside and sweat profusely when there's something new to watch? Here are a few shows I'm looking forward to this summer:

1. "Burn Notice"

I think that picture of Jeffrey Donovan is all you really need to be convinced to watch the show. Oh, what was that? You're not a woman or a gay man? OK, here's another reason: Bruce Campbell's in it. Yes, that's right - Bruce Campbell. The show is basically about an ex-spy who got burned (kicked out of the CIA with no warning) and dropped in Miami. He can't leave Miami or the people that burned him will hurt his family and friends. So, he's stuck in FL, doing odd spy jobs for people to make some cash, all the while trying to figure out who burned him and why. Sound good? Actually, it's even better than I described it. I promise. Seriously, watch it this summer, or at least set your TiVo to Season Pass it. As a bonus, you can play a fun drinking game while watching - take a shot for every gratuitous Jeffrey Donovan shirtless scene. Good for the eyes, not so good for the liver. Who am I kidding, Jeffrey Donovan shirtless is pretty much the only reason I watch the show. Thursdays at 10 pm on USA, starting July 10.**

2. "My Boys"

"My Boys" is about a female sports writer, living in Chicago, covering Cubs baseball. PJ's a tomboy, with a bunch of guy friends and one girly-girl friend. The show mainly follows PJ and her interactions with her friends, but started focusing on the other characters a little bit, too (probably when they realized they were coming back for another season). Honestly, it's not the strongest of shows, but it's on par with most stuff on TV now, and it's awesome as a light, fun, summer show. I'm a big baseball fan, so I like the baseball references PJ works into her voiceovers for each show. Plus, I think the guys are actually pretty funny - especially when they're all in a group together. I think the show will probably be better this season, being that the cast has gotten to know each other and actually become friends in real-life. Hopefully that chemistry will be magnified on screen. If not, it's still a fun summer show. Plus, if you go to the shows' Myspace page, you can play with the "Manslator." Awesome. Although, to be fair, I think anything with the word "man" in front of it is funny. Season 2 starts June 12th, I think at 10 pm on TBS.

3. "Psych"

I started watching this show as an afterthought. It was on after "Monk" and I thought it looked funny, so I left the TV on. Who am I kidding? I was too lazy to contract my abs and sit up straight to be able to reach the remote on my coffee table. Regardless, I really like this show, and recently, it's been infinitely better than "Monk." I love Tony Shaloub, but the writer's need to step up their game and refocus the show on Monk finding Trudy's killer, enough already. Seriously. Anyway, "Psych." The show is about two childhood friends, Shawn and Gus, who open a psychic detective agency, because Shawn needs a job, has a photographic memory, and is good at solving crimes (thanks to his retired detective dad (Corbin Bernsen) training him from a young age) and acting like he's psychic. Gus is basically the straight man and lends some credibility to their psychic crime-solving. The two of them are often hired by the police department as consultants to help solve crimes, hilarity ensues, and bad guys go to jail. The show is good, frivolous fun, but has an underlying heart and an endearing quality most shows on major networks don't have. Plus, James Roday and Dule Hill have great chemistry with one another and the show ABOUNDS with fantastic 80's and 90's pop culture references (another drinking game, perhaps? Yes, I'm an alcoholic). Season 3 starts July 18 at 10 pm on USA.

4. Baseball! More specifically, Yankees baseball. But, you can clearly watch whichever team you prefer, I won't judge you. How could I? I spend all summer watching TV and drinking. My lazy ass shouldn't judge anyone.*** What's better than a burger, a beer (cider), and baseball on TV on a Saturday afternoon in the summer? I don't really think anything.

*Yes, I realize this has actually been a trend for long before I even had a blog or noticed this phenomenon. I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes.
**USA will probably replay the first season throughout late June and early July. I highly recommend watching it before starting in on Season 2.
***Except those contestants on "Top Chef" who should have gone home a long time ago.

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