Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Poll Results Are In

Well, the people seem to be split between saving the George Bush money and buying a new TV, therefore, I will do both. I will save the money, then buy a new TV in the near future, when the fancy 37" Sharp Aquos Liquid Crystal Television is on sale. See what I did there? I nice segue into the Ed Helms Post of the Day:

You know, because Ed does the voiceovers for the Sharp Aquos commercials, as I have posted here and as he talked about on Conan. I can't find the clip due to the YouTube police swiffering it away, but you get the idea.

I will post about my new TV when I purchase it - probably not for a while as I just bought a new computer, for even faster blogging!

Edited to add: It was a tough call, between the TV and the Le Creuset. Even though the people had spoken, I thought about ignoring their wishes and just doing what I wanted. I mean, eff it, it's my blog, I can draw whatever conclusions from the poll I want, right? Then I realized I already have a 3 1/2 and a 5 1/2 round oven, so I probably don't need another. Plus, those bitches are HEAVY and I have an extremely small kitchen, filled with too much kitchen crap, anyway. So, TV it is. The Le Creuset will just have to wait until my birthday. In one month.

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