Monday, June 9, 2008

Global Warming - UR Cauzing It

So, on my 15 minute trip to the bank during lunch, I saw three cars parked in the parking lot of the bank and the strip mall next to the bank (containing a Popeye's and a Dunkin' Donuts) parked and RUNNING for more than 10 minutes. With no persons or pets inside. Apparently it's so hot outside, people have abandoned common sense (running your car because you're too lazy to turn off the A/C while you stuff your face with grease causes global warming, which causes you to run your car more, which causes more global warming...) and decency (poisoning the environment for me and for the future generations). I understand that your fucking fat-lard-ass can't handle the 98 degree temperatures we're currently experiencing after a gorge-fest at Popeye's, but maybe you should stay at home in your air conditioned apartment and eat something more legitimate than fried chicken and potatoes. Or, better yet, eat nothing. Then I wouldn't have to see your giant ass waddling out of Popeye's while I'm reporting you to the DEP. I hope you have to pay a fine bigger than your cellulite-ridden thighs. Fucker.

(Look for another such diatribe every Tuesday in a new segment here at AbS - The Tuesday Tirade)

***Edited to add: while my anger is pretty evident from the above, I realize my point isn't. These people left their cars running to keep the A/C on so they wouldn't have to get back into a hot car after eating. No, they weren't just running inside to pick something up or drop someone off. They were LITERALLY sitting inside Popeye's eating lunch, with their cars idling outside.***

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