Monday, June 23, 2008

Things I've Bought That I Love

In a blatant rip-off of Mindy "Ephron's" blog, "Things I've Bought That I Love," I will now present some recent purchases that I really like. Yes, guys, I know I'm unoriginal, but she hasn't updated her blog since April, so, I figured it I want to write about something I like, I can. Unfortunately for you, I don't have loads of disposal income like her, so I won't be extolling the virtues of $900 Louboutins or cute dresses that cost more than my paycheck, but I'll do my best to entertain you wth my (modest) purchases.

1. Movie ticket to "Get Smart." You know what, I really liked the movie. I can't help it. I love Steve Carell. If I could buy him, I'd write about him here, filed under more things I've bought that I love (although, I'm pretty sure it's not so legal to buy a person, besides, based on his interview on "The Daily Show" I don't think I could afford him. I think he can make anything funny. And, honestly, the movie wasn't bad. Based on the reviews I was a little worried, being that I go see about one movie a year, I had to make this one count, but it was funny, light-hearted, and made of general good times.
Steve Carell was perfect as Maxwell Smart, Anne Hathaway didn't annoy me, and the actor formerly know as The Rock was actually amusing. If you love Steve Carell like I do, I highly recommend seeing the movie. Even if you don't love him, go see it - at least the theater is air-conditioned, so you'll stay cool for two hours, instead of sweating it up in your apartment. Cost - $10.

2. Stephen Colbert Tote Bag.

My love for Stephen Colbert has been well-documented on this blog, specifically here, here, and especially here. So it's really no surprise that when I saw Barnes and Noble was offering this delicious tote bag, I immediately ordered it, no thinking necessary. And, boy, am I glad that I did guys, seriously. It's an awesome size and very sturdy. It fits all of my stuff, yoga clothes, contacts and contact solution, laptop (see #3), laptop cord and lock, plus a book to read while waiting for yoga to start. Plus, it's plain-looking, so you're not one of those people running all over campus with a giant neon-pink tote bag like it's 1983. The only think I wish it had were some inner pockets so I could put some tissues or my mobile phone in it, too. But, really, I can display my love for Stephen on my shoulder everyday I need to bring an ass-load of crap to campus, which more than makes up for the lack of pockets. Plus, how can you not smile when you look at Stephen's face? Even on your worst day, his little smile will make you laugh out loud, well, it makes me happy, anyway. Although, so far, all it's garnered me are some weird looks from the undergrads...WTF, guys? I thought you were his demographic...
Cost - $11.95 + shipping

3. Dell XPS M1330.

Since I often have to bring my computer with me to work, I had to trade in my other, more heavy laptop for this bad boy. And it's awesome. It's light - it hasn't broken the handles of my Stephen Colbert Tote yet, unlike my old laptop which destroyed not one, but TWO, bags, including my Veronica Mars Season 1 bag, has a 320 GB hard drive, 4 GB of RAM (so that bitch is FAST), the fingerprint reader thing-y, extended battery-life, and a built-in web cam...maybe some video blogs in the future of AbS? Best of all, it doesn't cause back spasms and worsen my scoliosis when I have to carry it around all day. Downside 1 - Windows Vista, which has already broken once, inexplicably, and will probably crash 17 more times by the time the year is done. I'll keep you posted in the Tuesday Tirade. Downside 2 - the black case attracts fingerprints like you would NOT believe. I seriously have to wipe it down everyday, due to multiple people and their greasy hands manhandling my new laptop.
Cost - more money than I should have spent on a laptop.

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