Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Miss Ed: The Ed Helms Post of the Day

I kind of miss Ed. I miss "The Office," I miss Ed Helms randomly showing up on "The Daily Show," I miss his voiceovers for "The Colbert Report" and the Sharp Aquos commercials. I wish he had a movie or something out, or coming out soon, so at least I could post pictures of him going to his own movie premieres or frolicking about LA at his costars' premieres. Alas, it's not to be. I know he's filming a couple of movies now and probably working on the movie he co-wrote, too, but, Ed, when (not if) you read this, please show your cute face around CA so someone can take your picture and I can post it and leer at it all day long. Or, better yet, come back to the NY-area so I can marginally stalk you. Please?

Here's some fun stuff from Ed back in the day (notice a theme? Why did they make Ed report on being gay so much?):

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Juan said...

You are not paying attention. A new movie "Meet Dave" will open nationwide on July 11. Ed Helms has a big role, but not as big as Eddie Murphy, who plays Dave. Maybe soon there will be a movie featuring only Ed Helms. I've got a big group ready to see that.