Friday, July 25, 2008

The Friday List of Random Things

A random list of things I like that are made with ginger:

1. Trader Joe's chocolate covered candied ginger

Oooohhhh, delicious morsels of candied ginger, enrobed in bittersweet, dark, dark, chocolate. And, yet, sadly, I'm the only one who likes them, with the exception of BW (who is clearly made of awesome). They aren't the sweetest of the Trader Joes tasty treats, but I think they're the best.

2. Ginger People "Original Ginger Chews" Candy - this was an impulse buy at Trader Joes one day and boy are they F-ing good.

They are small, chewy candies, flavored with ginger. They're all natural,made only of sugar, maltose, ginger, potato starch, and vegetable oil, and have a great, spicy ginger flavor. Sometimes they're kind of annoying, like when I chew on them and they get stuck in my teeth for hours...but, that just makes for a special ginger-y treat when you finally get that last piece out of your molar three hours later. Ginger People also make other flavors of candy, all mixed with ginger, but, unfortunately Trader Joes doesn't sell them. I'm especially intrigued to try the coffee flavor, as eating them apparently gives the sensation of drinking a hot cup of coffee, due to the intense coffee flavor and the mild heat of the ginger. Are you listening, Trader Joes? I'll buy a case if you start stocking your stores with them.

3. Crystallized Ginger at Whole Foods - who doesn't love the giant bins of random stuff at Whole Foods? Granola (ginger snap granola, anyone?), grains (quinoa!), dried fruit, and GINGER! Spicy, fabulous, sweet, tastes like burning, candied ginger. I like to eat a few pieces after dinner, as a kind of digestive. I would avoid eating the crystallized ginger if you're having some wine after dinner, though. That wasn't my best idea ever...

4. Trader Joes' Ginger, Almond, Cashew Granola - I love granola. I seriously could (and do) eat it everyday. On yogurt (Fage - more on that in another post). Plain. With milk. The Trader Joes graola is particularly good for a boxed granola, too. It's sweet, the almonds give it a nice crunch, and the ginger (oh, the ginger) provides a nice textural contrast to the almonds, cashews, and granola clusters. Try it with some good Greek yogurt and fresh won't be sorry.


Beth said...

You are made of awesome, too! Hmm, after reading this, I need to go get a ginger fix. And I'm totally down for those coffee ginger people; they sound fascinating!

looziana said...

i'm shocked that you didn't include the ginger that comes with sushi! perhaps that is on part II? ginger is so delicious... all that gingerol and 6-shogal....