Monday, July 21, 2008

Jason Sudeikis Post of the Day: One Breadstick and a Free Jug of Wine

Gosh, I haven't done one of these in a while (TWSS).

From the NY Post:

Jason Sudeikis first won us over as one half of the “A-Holes” (brilliantly paired with Kristen Wiig) on Saturday Night Live. Now, Jason, 32, is turning up everywhere from 30 Rock (his wife, Kay, is a writer for the show) to a role as a smarmy music exec in The Rocker, out Aug. 20. The Fairfax, Va.–born actor, who now calls the West Village home, has only lived in Manhattan for five years, but he’s learned a lot in that short time. For instance: Jason won’t eat street meat, but he will get curbside massages. “The guys who grab you may look sketchy, but the massages are really awesome.” Good to know.

1 If you could have a dish named after you at any NYC restaurant, what would it be? The Sudeikis Dish would be served at the Times Square Olive Garden. Instead of unlimited salad and breadsticks for $5.99,you’d get one breadstick, a very, very small salad for $29.99 and a free jug of wine. You’d order it to impress people.

2 If you had six dollars in your pocket, what would you buy in a bodega? Gum and Electronic Gaming Monthly. Yeah, nerd alert! Then as I walked out, I’d very gladly say to the guy behind the counter, “Keep the change, my good man.”

3 What New Yorker would you love to meet? Mike Nichols, a founding father of [Chicago’s] Second City theater company. He’s also an amazing director. And his wife, Diane [Sawyer], is easy on the eyes, so if I could listen to him while looking at her, I’d say that’s a fun night.

4 Who’s the most famous New Yorker you have programmed into your cell phone? The Statue of Liberty. I met her at Bungalow 8. When she takes that toga off, heavens to Betsy! But I think she has implants—don’t tell anyone I told you. OK, seriously? Probably Tina Fey.

5 What’s one really overrated New York attraction? Times Square. Thank God the Naked Cowboy is there to keep it classy.


ETA: looking over this post now (8:30 pm), that may be the gayest picture of Jason Sudeikis EVER. Sorry, Jason. It's from your Myspace Fan Page...go yell at them.

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