Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday's TV - Delightful

Well, it's that time again...Thursday shows to watch, and, shockingly, there are a bunch of them!

My Boys - TBS at 9:30 pm. Tonight's episode is entitled "Opportunity Knocks," and apparently there's finally some fallout from Andy acting like a DB. Also, P.J. dates Bobby's brother...interesting. I don't know about this show. it was really good and cute and funny last year, this year, yeah...not so much. I think it's been getting better slowly over the past two episodes, hopefully tonight that trend will continue. You can watch a preview of the episode here.

Burn Notice - USA Network at 10 pm. Hells yeah! The third episode of the season is tonight, and this show, unlike some others, started off awesome and continues to be made of awesome. Tonight's episode is called "Trust Me" and in it Michael uses himself as bait for a con artist. I hope he's shirtless bait. Or at least wearing a wife beater at some point. Seriously, how can you not think this is awesome:

and, now imagine it without the shirt and jacket...I'll wait. Yeah, that was worth it, right? (Sorry any non-gay men-folk who may be reading right now).

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report - 11:00 and 11:30 pm on Comedy Central. Well, I'm not going to lie. I'm still pretty upset that I missed Ed Helms' triumphant return to TDS to talk about his boner and Obama (O-Boner) and pretty much anytime I've watched the show this week, I've been disappointed by the lack of Ed. Sometimes watching Ed's old correspondent pieces on helps me through my pain, sometimes it just makes it worse...but a girl can dream, can't she? Maybe he'll show up tonight? If I wish hard enough, will it happen (TWSS)? Irregardless, I know Stephen will do his best to fill the empty void in my heart, with his adorable giggling and ridiculous antics. Check out the break down after he says "lamb cartilage." Delicious.

Seriously, he's been laughing all week, hasn't he? He's the cutest. Anyway, tonight, TCR's guest is Garrett Reisman, the astronaut who you may remember from this fantastic interview Stephen did with him back in May (see video below), so you know Stephen will be uber-excited and giddy.

Also, I'll be watching some TiVoed shows, if I have the time, which I should, as there's no Yankees baseball on to interrupt my usual TV watching schedule. These shows include the episode of Law and Order: CI, in which Stephen Colbert guest starred, which I recorded on Tuesday night and Monday's episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, in which he travels to Saudi Arabia to travel with the person who won the fan contest. I'm very interested to see Saudi Arabia through the eyes of someone who lives there, as opposed to what we get on TV from the news (or other sources), so I'm hoping they did it justice. I'm sure they did. Tony wouldn't slack off...well...

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