Wednesday, April 9, 2008



Question: What do you know about the Office spin-off? — J.R.
Ausiello: I know that, contrary to speculation, it will not revolve around Dwight. According to an insider, the Michael-Dwight dynamic is "too integral to the show." The likelier scenario, according to a Peacock insider, has Ed Helms' Andy headlining Office 2.0. "That idea was batted around prior to the strike," whispers my source, "and NBC seemed interested." Personally, I hope NBC sticks with its original plan and looks outside the Dunderverse for the offshoot's boss. Speaking of which….

I don't want Ed to leave the good Office and go to the crappy one which will get canceled immediately after the first episode airs. :(

ETA: Not that I don't want him to be a huge, breakout success, like Steve Carell became after "The Office" and "The 40-year old Virgin," I just think NBC should stick with what's good, rather than spread the goodness as thin as possible and ruin all the shows. Unless it's a Jason Sudekis/Ed Helms version of "The Office," which I expressed my extreme enthusiasm for earlier.

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