Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Worst. Idea. Ever. - Do. Not. Want.

Apparently, brilliant Ben Silverman decided he needs to milk every last drop of goodness from the show he helped get (and keep) on the air (The Office) by creating The Office Spinoff, to premiere after the Superbowl and then air on NBC after The Office on Thursdays. Greg Daniels is "behind" the idea...whatever that means. Isn't he busy with the original U.S. version? How will they possibly take two shows that are practically the same and make them both interesting? The only way this could possibly work in my book is if the "spinoff" follows Jason Sudeikis (the "new" Jim-like character) as Floyd - lawyer at wacky law firm in The Cleve. You know, a hybrid 30 Rock + The Office combo. With a crazy boss. And a hunting-obsessed co-worker. And Ed Helms. Because even if Jason Sudekis and Ed Helms are on screen together, nothing bad can happen. Right?

Some pictures for good measure...and the hotness will make you feel better about this horrible, horrible idea.


Beth said...

I am so not enthused about a spin-off either, but I LOVE your idea of a show about Floyd.

However, there HAS to be better pics of Jason Sudekis out there.

iko said...

It's a self-portrait. I think he looks kind of cute - in that "just rolled out of bed with Iko" kind of way!

looziana said...

i'm so confused... the NBC website listed it as "The Office/SNL Thursday Night Live" WTF!!!! Why is NBC tepping out on us???!! How can "Saturday Night Live" be on Thursday?

iko said...

You're TOTALLY right. NBC IS tepping out on us. WTF, NBC?? What's wrong with you?