Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Top Chef Season 4 - Episode 7: "Improv"

Just a quick one today (TWSS), I'm prepping for Stephen and salted meat (TWSS). I really liked the pastry challenge Quickfire, only because a Top Chef, even one who's not a pastry chef, should have a small arsenal of good desserts to make. Nothing complicated, but nice, simple, delicious desserts. Like what Dale made, or a simple chocolate cake, or a tart. Something. It's always an issue, on every season of "Top Chef," it's kind of like, "Really guys? You know you're going to have to do an effing dessert at some point. You don't want to memorize a few, just so you don't look like an a**hole?" Actually, I think everyone did pretty well, despite the bitching, and I liked Richard's dish - it fit with his whimsical style. Dale's looked good, too.

Elimination Challenge - I really, really liked this challenge. I think the improv theme was awesome. I love how they figured out immediately that the suggestions were what they would have to cook, too. Not like last season, when the chef's thought they were going clubbing, then had to cook in four-inch heels in a grease truck. I think the "improvs" they had to use were actually really cool and interesting, and Dale and Richard's dish, as well as Spike and Andrew's dish (as much as it pains me to say that), both deserved the top spot. I think Dale and Richard definitely had a much more complex and "perplexing" dish, so, I'm good with their win.

Also, I loved how they had no kitchen electrics and had to process everything by hand. That part did kind of confuse me, though, they just took everything without telling them? Doesn't that seem a little unrealistic? I also was a little annoyed at the "sniff and sneer," with Tom telling the chefs they had to pack up their stuff and move to their house. Didn't they do that last season, too? Where's the fun in repeating the drama?

As far as the elimination, I'm a little confused and kind of disagree with the judges. Lisa and Antonia completely disregarded the challenge. Like totally ignored it. Sure, the food tasted good, but if I went to a restaurant and ordered a vegetarian entree and the chef was like, "I refuse to make anything without meat," and sent me a delicious steak, I'd be a little annoyed. Sure, the steak is probably awesome, but it's not what I ordered or even what I can eat. I don't see how that's better than someone making a ridiculous and fun plate because they were given a ridiculous and fun theme. I guess it just really tasted bad. I'm sorry to see Jenn go, I really liked her and thought she was a great chef. And, it's clear the other cheftestants liked her too, which sucks for everyone involved.

Sidebar - I loved Ted Allen throughout the entire episode and I was laughing out loud at how uncomfortable Tom was for the entire Elimination Challenge. Seriously, he blushes all the way through his giant, shiny head. Also, that pastry chef guest judge was H-O-T! And, Spike is still a douchebag, but seemed less douchey than usual - maybe it was the editing.

Next week: My worst nightmare - cooking with children!

ETA - OK, I'm kind of an idiot, I just realized now that the theme of the show was "improv" so now it makes more sense for them to have to "improvise" when they had no electrics and "improvise" again, when they had to pack everything up in Gladware and move to their house. Still a copy of last season, but a little more in concert with the theme of the episode. Sorry, I'm an idiot. I was too excited about seeing Stephen...


EdT said...

liveblogging on tivo Top Chef:

1)Spike is ridiculous. Bold with the souflet (sp?) - but at the same time, still a douche. Mark needs to go home.

2)Richard's Seinfeld impersonation = not right.

3)I'm beginning to like Jennifer, even with her ridiculous faux-hawk.

4)why is spike wearing his gay hat while cooking?

5)Dale and Richard, so far, are still the beasts of this competition.

6)Andrew is still a crackhead - he was actaully giddy they took away the machines!

5)Stephanie said long hard log (tRwss!!!)

6)Nikki has to go home. Shes actually more annoying than Spike.

7)"Soups down thumbs up"

8)Ted: "I would lick all of your bowls." And thats justthe first course. This is going to be right up his alley

9)Rchard and Dale OWN the fricking show. Plain and simple.

10)Spike calling the sausage dish "turds" was fantastic

11)Ah, the obligatory "Teds here, lets have a gay joke" moment has passed

12)Holy shit, Nikki and Mark pull it out!

13)Dude, if Jennifer goes home, its bullshit. Lisa needs to go so her bitchiness can be silenced.

14)Ok, its bullshit. Just when I was staring to get used to her fauxhawk. though her sideburns tonight made her look like an elf.

Next week: cooking with kids? WTF?!?!

iko said...

@edt - What up, ho! Yeah, I totally call BS, too. Lisa should have gone home, Jenn is actually legitimate and deserved to stay. Also, you're Richard-Seinfeld impersonation comment is "spot-on." I totally meant to make a derisive comment about it, but I forgot, due to the excitement over seeing Stephen!!

Beth said...

I can't believe they got rid of Jenn PRIOR to Antonia or Lisa. Ugh, what a crappy outcome. The mere fact that Nikki skated through again is troubling. And the fact that the 2 d-bags teamed up and had the 2nd-best dish was more troubling. Stephanie is still my girl.