Friday, February 29, 2008

Ed Helms (double) Post of the Day

Here's an adorable picture I came across - Ed at the premiere of "Semi-Pro," in which he apparently has a cameo. Look at the argyle! Look at the corduroy jacket!

So cute!

And I, to you, in addition, an interview with the delicious Ed Helms and the equally delightful Rob Corddry (just press the play button, I don't know why that thingy is spinning constantly).

How cute is Ed jiggling his legs to warm up? Come over to Addition by Subtraction, Ed...I'll warm you up! That's what she said!


Beth said...

If you squint a little at that picture, Ed looks kind of like a guy I know. His initials are BMG, but not necessarily in that order.

iko said...

I think it's the BMG-style blue, checkered shirt.