Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Am America and So Can You

Well, I'm off to DC this weekend to, that's right - you guessed it, visit Stephen Colbert's picture at the National Portrait Gallery. Simultaneously good times and extreme lame-ness. Also on the agenda:

A trip to the Archives
Dinner at Jaleo with the infamous M-D.
Dinner at Proof, if I can actually get a reservation.
General frolicking and merriment at assorted Smithsonian museums, especially the Air and Space Museum (the National Treasures exhibit is displayed there).
Maybe some lunch at Matchbox, possibly a shopping expedition to Georgetown.

Lots to do and, just for you guys, pictures of me acting like a jackass next to a canvas printed with Stephen Colbert's picture!


Beth said...

Ohmigod, seriously, are you sure we aren't related? I was going to email you a few weeks ago to see if you wanted to do this:

But then I didn't, because, well, PW I think would get annoyed at me if I monopolized his BFF too much.

iko said...

I wish I had seen this before we went...I totally would have jumped in front of him...I did get to take my picture with him (his portrait), though!

EdT said...

I wouldnt think that - you're too busy trying to form a cult devoted to my mother.

iko said...

I think I need to start a new blog, one in which EdT and beth can talk smack to each other...