Tuesday, February 5, 2008

An Intoxicating Cocktail of Hope and Joy

If anyone has been following the Stephen Colbert-Conan O'Brien-Jon Stewart feud, it all went down tonight. And apparently it really goes down (TWSS) tonight on Conan's show, so don't miss it. If you haven't been watching - look for it on YouTube, or like Comedy Central's website, or something. Maybe look for it after the strike, though.

Some spoilers:
Stephen looks for a bobby pin in his shoe.
Stephen and Conan harmonize
Conan tells Jon he's a handsome man
Conan's studio is apparently a broom closet in the Comedy Central studios.

EtA - Found the video!


Beth said...

So - I was just watching last night's DS and CR while eating dinner/making chicken stock in the appropriate blue French cookware - and discovered the wonders of this feud. Then, it was over, and I was like, "oh, I'll go read Ivy's blog," and then wonder of wonders, you had blogged about what I had just watched! Seriously, I think our televisions have a psychic connection. I'm going to watch Throwdown now... just in case you needed to know.

iko said...

Strong Work, BW!!!! The feud is awesome and you reading an commenting on my blog is even awesome-er!