Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gah! Agh! WTF?

OK, I have to go to yoga in, like, 3 minutes, but I can't let this go. I was really trying, but it's pissing me off too much.

Rachael Ray, no matter how hard you try, the term "stoup*" is NEVER, EVER going to catch on. No matter how may times you say "clam bake stoup" on your show, Martha isn't going to start saying it on her show, my boy Bobby isn't going to put a "fish stoup" on his brunch menu next to the HOT BROWN!!, and no one will ever think it's cute. No one. Not a single life form on the planet. Ever. So why, why, oh why, are you trying to start it up again, albeit in a slightly altered form?

Apparently she's working on a new term, "choup." Allegedly it's a chowder + a soup. WTF? Isn't a chowder a kind of soup? Maybe someone in New England can correct me, if s/he's done crying into his/her chowder over the NY/NE debacle on Sunday.

*Soup + Stew = Stoup

Side note: come to think of it, I myself made a pot of soup for dinner (and some future lunches), Kale and Garbanzo Bean with Bacon. Maybe I'll post the recipe under the label "stoup." That way when RayRay Googles the term (and you know she does every morning, just to see if it's caught on, yet) she'll find my recipe and make it on her show, calling it her own. Then, I can get some of her Dunkin' Donuts money, quit my stupid job, and open my own soup restaurant. No soup for you, RayRay!


Beth said...

Anthony said it best, "Rachel Ray still sucks."

My soup tonight was delicious. Chock FULL of moist chicken, noodles, and veggies, and still just a soup... no weird words needed to describe it. PW ate 2 bowls, yum!

JD said...

This post made me die laughing... you put it best Ivy when you say....